Technology Exploration Lab

Technology Exploration Lab

Technology Exploration Lab

The Technology Exploration Lab

The SETsquared Exeter Technology Exploration Lab at the Science Park Centre is an innovative development space, providing vital access to emerging technologies for entrepreneurs to innovate to their full potential.

Combining cutting edge technology, expert advice and a wide series of informative and enlightening seminars and workshops, the Exploration Lab is the perfect place to take an idea from concept to reality.

Delivered by SETsquared, the global number one incubator and a wealth of industry and academic expertise through its partners, the lab is the ideal environment to gain the understanding required to harness new and exciting technologies.

At its heart, the Technology Exploration Lab is trying to bridge the gap between ideation and innovation.

Gaps in knowledge and limited access to technology resources, create a barrier to an entrepreneur’s ability to explore, test and implement new technological processes or resources. The Lab serves as that vital bridge by providing those resources, complimented by a structured programme of activity.

The Lab comprises of a workspace, equipped with high end computing, AR/VR hardware, large format resin 3D printing, 3D scanning and advanced electronics equipment. Enabling the exploration of new digital and fabrication techniques and processes. The lab is also home to a collaborative project area with interactive display technology.

A series of events, from high level technology introduction seminars to focussed workshops create the seamless transition from interest to utilisation. Building the platform to access the experience of industry experts, the insight of academic knowledge and the context for success from a community of peers.

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The Technology

Meticulously designed with the high tech community in mind, the SETsquared Exeter Technology Exploration Lab has everything that you could need to take your development from ideation to innovation.

Defined in to stations, the lab’s resources are centred around particular technology areas, including high end data processing and computing, immersive technology, 3D design and fabrication, and Electronics.
The lab also features a collaborative project area, complete with mobile display and video conferencing capability.

High End Computing

The Technology Exploration Lab’s computing station has been developed with the demanding requirements of big data processing and 3D development in mind. The bespoke workstation, boasting Xeon Silver processing power and the latest generation Nvidia Ampere Graphics architecture is capable of running complex 3D simulations, handle advanced machine learning algorithms and process huge data sets.

HP Z8 G4 Tower Workstation
Xeon® Silver (8 Cores)
Nvidia RTX 3080 Graphics Card
2 x Dell 27” 4k Screens
Jabra HD Headset
Logitech Bluetooth Speakers


Large, mobile display, video conferencing equipment and project table give you the perfect means to share and collaborate on your innovation development.

65” mobile 4k screen
Dell Optiplex 3070 i5 VC and presentation unit
Logitech 4k Brio Camera


With the latest immersive technology on hand, you can be sure that you are able to explore everything that AR and VR has to offer your development journey.

HTC Vive Pro
HTC Vive Focus+ with Enterprise Advantage
Oculus Quest 2
Google Cardboard

3D Fabrication

Large format, high quality, resin 3D printing and HD desktop 3d scanning, enable precision fabrication and reverse engineering. Allowing you to take your prototyping to the next level.

Formlabs 3L
Prusa i3 MK3S+
Einscan SP
Anycubic Wash and Cure
Sage post production oven


A complete soldering/reworking station for surface mount component manufacturing, equipped with everything needed to take designs through to prototypes. Comprising of specialist devices, tools, consumables, and safety equipment.

Aoyue 853A Pro quartz infrared heater
Aoyue 850A+ SMD rework station
BOFA V200 Fume extraction unit
Rigol DS1104Z Oscilliscope
Tenma 72-13300 Bench power supply
DMM1604 Bench multimeter
5-200x Wireless microscope
Nano 3ghz Vector network analyser
Dissipative matting with grounding
LED magnifying lamp
Magnetic workbench
A range of tools such as cutters, tweezers, PCB holders and more
A stock of consumables such as polyimide tape, solder paste, Flux pens and more


A wide range of tools from torx sets to rotary tools, ensure that you have what you need to hand to build, assemble and test your creations.


The Technology Exploration Lab holds licences for a variety of software packages designed to bring the equipment in the lab to life. Enabling you to develop your ideas using cutting edge industry platforms, including but not limited to.

Autodesk Fusion 360
Google Sketchup
Unity Plus
Adobe Creative Suite


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